Party Ideas for Teenagers

Here are some great party ideas for teenagers. Tried and tested plans, read how others got on with their treasure hunt games.


The Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner – This, our most popular treasure hunt game, is ideal for teenage parties – it is designed for 2 or more people and is truly flexible – it is a popular teenage party idea and can be played with any number of players, of any age, in any location. This treasure hunt game is based around 6 stations where the players complete a puzzle or challenge in order to win a part of a clue. When the pieces of the clue are put together, that leads to the map and then to the treasure. Clever sequencing keeps teams moving in different directions so there can be no following the team in front.

The treasure hunt game has a set of optional theme packs which are a quick way to create seasonal and traditional themes for your treasure hunt. All designed for use with children of all ages. E.g. Pirates, Halloween, Easter Theme packs are available at a discount if ordered with the Treasure Hunt Party Planner.

If you have already purchased a Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner - you can purchase our theme packs to create a different party game. Adult/mixed age Theme Packs or Child Theme Packs.

Scavenger Hunt Party Game Planner - The scavenger hunt is about collecting items from a list, or completing tasks, visiting places etc. Scavenger hunts are great for children of all agesm particularly teenagers and is always a popular party idea choice. A scavenger hunt can take on many themes and can be played around the home, in a park, on the beach, around town, in the mall, across the state etc. Players / teams will each collect items on the list and return with their loot. Many variations on the scavenger hunt are available in the book, together with ideas and lists of scavenger hunts in numerous locations and suitable for all age groups with plenty of options for the teenage age group.

Instant Treasure Hunt - This game is riddle based. A database of 1200 riddles is available from which you can choose riddles to be used in your treasure hunt. You select objects around the home – inside and outside, and then choose which riddle you wish to use for each object. The game system will print riddle cards to be placed around the home creating a treasure trail for your players to follow. This game is suitable for 1 or more players. It is not practical for large groups, or locations beyond the home.

Riddles are available for ages 5 to Adult with a special section for teenagers. Stretch them by choosing the adult version.


We have literally hundreds of emails from customers that you can read. Here is just a sample..

"Our treasure hunt was based on the pirates of the Caribbean II dead mans chest characters. It was a swarm of fun for all and a huge hit, participants and watchers alike enjoyed the games and puzzles and the treasure at the end!! Thank you for the kit it was a big hit. A lot of work transforming it to my theme on the computer. But so worth it. We had three teams of 3-4 boys ages 11-14. Thanks again"

Monique Rogers Georgia USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"We had the scavenger hunt party and the girls loved it! I have never seen 17 18 year olds change clothes from their dresses and high heels into jeans and sweats so quickly! It was amazing how competitive and creative in their searches they were! You provided a lot of great ideas I know we will use again. Thanks."

Jackie Hoehner Nebraska USA
Scavenger Hunt Party Game

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"We had our treasure hunt Sat night. It was great. The students enjoyed it and so did the adults that were working the different stations. I was so relieved to have something already complete and ready to use. It was user friendly. We changed the font and copied it onto brown aged paper and it looked so real. We had middle school age and college age. They all enjoyed it. We had the stations set up among a pirate town and they had to go through the town to complete. We used it to eliminate the teams to two and the two completed a treasure hunt that was extra. Thank you for such a good product."

Pam Bennett Tennessee USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"The treasure hunt party was great; my 16 year old son said it was an awesome party. All the kids came dressed in costume as well as the adults! The hunt took about 1.5 hours to complete. The clues lead to a compass and spade, the compass lead to a treasure map, and the map then lead to the treasure that was buried. When they dug up the chest it was wrapped in chains and locked, and a clue giving them a hint as to where they could find the key, which was hidden in another chest. Being a pirate party, there were several chests for them to look through, but it was in the cake which was shaped like a chest.

We served jerk chicken and shrimp before the hunt, they did the hunt, then ate cake, opened the chest, then played capture the flag in the dark (they had on glow stick necklaces). Everyone had a grand time!! Thanks for your ideas.."

Teresa Arthur Vancouver USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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