Party Planning Ideas for Mixed Age Groups

Planning for a mixed age group can be tricky – if you are looking for a fun and entertaining party game which everyone can play together, aged 1 – 100, a treasure hunt is just what you need.

Here are some great party ideas for mixed age groups. Tried and tested plans, read how others got on with their treasure hunt games.


The Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner – This, our most popular game, is ideal for mixed age parties – it is designed for 2 or more people and is truly flexible – it is a popular party idea and can be played with any number of players, of any age, in any location. This mixed age treasure hunt game is based around 6 stations where the players complete a puzzle or challenge in order to win a part of a clue. When the pieces of the clue are put together, that leads to the map and then to the treasure. Clever sequencing keeps teams moving in different directions so there can be no following the team in front.

The treasure hunt game has a set of optional theme packs which are a quick way to create seasonal and traditional themes for your treasure hunt. All designed for use with players of all ages.

E.g. Pirates, Easter Theme packs are available at a discount if ordered with the Treasure Hunt Party Planner.

If you have already purchased a Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner - you can purchase our theme packs to create a different party game. Adult/mixed age Theme Packs.

Scavenger Hunt Party Game Planner - The scavenger hunt is about collecting items from a list, or completing tasks, visiting places etc. Scavenger hunts are great for players of all ages working together and is always a popular party idea choice. A scavenger hunt can take on many themes and can be played around the home, in a park, on the beach, around town, in the mall, across the state etc. Players / teams will each collect items on the list and return with their loot. Many variations on the scavenger hunt are available in the book, together with ideas and lists of scavenger hunts in numerous locations and suitable for all age groups with plenty of options for even the youngest children.

Local Treasure Hunting – Try your skills at a real life treasure hunt! A Local Treasure Hunt will take you on a tour of your local area, testing your observation and stretching your code breaking skills as you follow the trail of clues. Now in Marysvale, UTAH. Plan a holiday there – it’s an exciting mountainous terrain, ATVs and huge fun. This is family entertainment at its best – have a go – big prizes for those who can solve the puzzle.

Treasure Hunts for real! These games are real, live treasure hunts based in the community. We are continually developing more games across the country. If you would like us to create one near you, get in touch and let us know why you have a great location for a treasure hunt. You can take a vacation at a local treasure hunt location and enjoy to thrill and fun whilst competing for REAL treasure.

We have literally hundreds of emails from customers that you can read. Here is just a sample..

"Hi Nikki, We just had our scavenger hunt party yesterday, ages 11-50years old. It was very fun. My husband combined a number of different ideas. Since one of the girls was on crutches and one of the guys had hip problems, one group had a car. Thank you so very much for the ideas and most of all for your customer service."

Suzee Stafford Montana USA
Scavenger Hunt Party Game

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"We did the treasure hunt at our picnic on Sunday and it was a hit. I learned a lot, particularly about being rushed into setting it up. But all in all, everyone had a good time and they were challenged by the clues. One dad was so proud of his 9 year-old son, who figured out the five to eight puzzle while the adults were still working on it. I will definitely be thinking of clues and prizes for the treasure throughout the whole year, just to make it better next time. Thank you."

Sandy Manchester Washington USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"Hi Nikki We finally completed our Treasure Hunt last week! We had so much fun -- thank you for the great kick-start!!! I ordered your Treasure Hunt software package way back in February.

Your software was just what I needed to get started, get me thinking about what I wanted to do -- and it was GREAT fun! Everyone, from kids to adults, had a great time! For me, it was like Christmas, having chosen wonderful presents for all -- and watching everyone Ooooh and Aaaah. My participants had a ball! Of course, now that everyone had so much fun, next year I have to come up with a game for EVERYONE -- the grownups want to play, too!!!

Ah, the challenge! We had great fun!"

Eileen Blackwood Minnesota USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"Hi Nikki, the Treasure Hunt was a GREAT success, and everyone had a GREAT time at the annual Block Party! ALL the kids (and I mean all....there must have been at least 60 - 70 kids participating) had a great time, and I think the adults at each of the participating homes on the block did also! We did the Pirate theme and everyone seemed to enjoy all of the pirate flags...balloons, and the Pirate we had 'hanging in the galley' of Pirate Beach (he was a bit scary for the real youngsters...but it definitely added to the effect we were trying to achieve.)

We had a huge Treasure Chest 'buried' in our back yard filled with all sorts of toys, candy bags, faux jewelry, coins etc.... and the winning team all seemed to revel in the excitement.

We can't thank you enough for your help. The program really helped us to plan, and make the event as special as you had described. Thanks for all of the pointers along the way, and we look forward to possibly hosting this event at our next Block Party!

All our best and many thanks again for providing such an innovative and helpful tool to make the party a huge success. Agrrrrr Matey!"

Mike & Chuck New York USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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