Children's Treasure Hunt Party Ideas

Here are some great party ideas for children at all ages. Tried and tested plans, read how others got on with their treasure hunt games.

The Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner – This, our most popular treasure hunt game, is ideal for children's parties – it is designed for 2 or more people and is truly flexible – it is a popular party idea and can be played with any number of players, of any age, in any location. This children's treasure hunt game is based around 6 stations where the players complete a puzzle or challenge in order to win a part of a clue. When the pieces of the clue are put together, that leads to the map and then to the treasure. Clever sequencing keeps teams moving in different directions so there can be no following the team in front.

The children's treasure hunt game has a set of optional theme packs which are a quick way to create seasonal and traditional themes for your treasure hunt. All designed for use with children of all ages. E.g. Pirates, Halloween, Easter Theme packs are available at a discount if ordered with the Treasure Hunt Party Planner.

If you have already purchased a Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner - you can purchase our theme packs to create a different party game. Child Theme Packs.

Scavenger Hunt Party Game Planner - The scavenger hunt is about collecting items from a list, or completing tasks, visiting places etc. Scavenger hunts are great for children of all ages and is always a popular party idea choice. A scavenger hunt can take on many themes and can be played around the home, in a park, on the beach, around town, in the mall, across the state etc. Players / teams will each collect items on the list and return with their loot. Many variations on the scavenger hunt are available in the book, together with ideas and lists of scavenger hunts in numerous locations and suitable for all age groups with plenty of options for even the youngest children.

Instant Treasure Hunt - This treasure hunt game is riddle based. A database of 1200 riddles is available from which you can choose riddles to be used in your treasure hunt for children. You select objects around the home – inside and outside, and then choose which riddle you wish to use for each object. The instant treasure hunt game system will print riddle cards to be placed around the home creating a treasure trail for your players to follow. This game is suitable for children and 1 or more players. It is not practical for large groups, or locations beyond the home.

Riddles are available for children aged 5 to Adult.

Traditional Party Games – This is a wonderful resource book containing 50 children's party games in the traditional style. A fabulous resource of party ideas. Many are old favorites that you may have played in your youth. Now they are updated and with a modern twist. Lots of new games too. These games will delight and enthrall and keep all of the children entertained. Have a few ready to go at a moment’s notice. You will never have a lull in activities or that dreaded ‘quiet moment’. Will suit children of all ages.


We have literally hundreds of emails from customers that you can read. Here is just a sample..

"Hi Nikki,

Yes, we did have the treasure hunt and it was a lot of fun. It was for my daughter's 9th birthday and she had 12 guests. We had wished to play it outside but the weather did not cooperate so we stayed inside my house and garage area. It worked out fine to be inside.

The kids were so into the tasks. It was really fun for me to think up creative and fun things for them to do at each city. At one city they had to pick a teammate to be wrapped up in a whole roll of toilet paper. We had an obstacle course and I even through in some math problems to figure out.

For the treasure box I was able to find a bulk bag of gold/chocolate coins to mix in with other loot. It was great and I will definitely be using the plan again in the future.

Thanks for your help."

Beth Petrocelli New Hampshire USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"Thank you,

Everything went well. I think the item they had the most fun with was finding something with the letter M. My son's name starts with the letter M. They had about 50 questions about what they could use. Of the 25 items on their list, they were unable to get only two items a postage stamp and a 4 leaf clover. What surprised me the most was the number of parents and kids who had no idea what a Scavenger Hunt was.

Thank you again for your help"

Mindy Richard California USA
Scavenger Hunt Party Game

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We have played twice already. My children love the hunts. We planned one for my sons 12th birthday party this weekend. I would be happy to let you know how the 'BIG' hunt goes and will try to send a picture.

It was easy getting into your site to make up the hunt and I am so happy with the extra quick and easy game for my family.


Kim Sisemore Virginia USA
Instant Treasure Hunt

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"Everyone had a great time!! I am so glad I purchased your treasure hunt - I had looked at some other websites and books and they didn't compare to 'The Treasure Hunt Party Game.'

Thank you so much for helping me throw an incredible event"

Judith Block California USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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