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You have chosen the Adult Treasure Hunt Party Planner which is suitable for parties of all ages. It includes features which are designed to stop the more devious adults from shortcutting the game.

The Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner contains all the materials that you need to set up and run your treasure hunt. The Treasure Hunt Party Game can be adapted to any theme or style for your party. To make it even easier for you, we have written some theme packs which can be used with the game planner. These theme packs contain specially themed puzzles, challenges and styles - ideas that will further simplify your party planning.

Theme packs cost $14.95. If purchased at the same time as the Treasure Hunt Party Planner, we will give you a discount of $5. So your theme pack is a quick and easy add on to your Treasure Hunt Game at only $9.95.

Summer Holiday Theme Pack

Summertime Fun in the Sunshine – Summer is a great time for parties, from Memorial day to Labor day, you have plenty of excuses to get out there and plan a treasure hunt.  This theme pack has big games that can be played outside, though not too big, you can bring them inside at the last minute if the weather decides not to co-operate!  Treasure hunting with a summertime theme. The Summer Holiday Theme Pack is available at the discounted price of $9.95 when purchased with the Treasure Hunt Party Planner.

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Winter Holiday Theme Pack

Winter is the time for Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ta Chiu, ...

Whatever your religion or beliefs, there is always a reason to have a party during the winter months, and what better way to celebrate with friends and family than to play a special Winter Holiday themed version of the Treasure Hunt. The Winter Holiday Theme Pack is available at the discounted price of $9.95 when purchased with the Treasure Hunt Party Planner.

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Pirate Party Theme Pack

The pirate party theme pack is suitable for any time of the year, always a popular theme for treasure hunt games. The pirate party theme pack is available at the discounted price of $9.95 when purchased with the Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner.

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Easter Theme Pack

Easter is a great time for treasure hunts. Traditionally children search for chocolate eggs. The Easter theme pack provides you with Easter theme ideas to work with your Treasure Hunt Party Game and is full of games suite. Here you will find new and traditional games to make your Easter Treasure Hunt an eggstra special one!

The Easter Theme Pack normally sells for $14.95 but today you have bought a Treasure Hunt Party Planner, so we will give you a discount of $5 - that means the Easter theme pack is available now at the low price of $9.95.

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More Bonuses when you buy a theme pack

We also have an online customization tool that is designed specifically to save you having to have to fight with word processors or desktop publishing when organising your Treasure Hunt. All of our gamesets include a standard set of instructions and signs, but we recognize that sometimes you want a different number of teams or to use your own names. Not everyone has the time or computer skills to easily make the changes, until now! With our new online Customization tool, you use a simple online web form to enter the information and then we do all of the rest of the work, providing a customized pdf file of all of the signs you need ready for you to print - and it all happens instantly. This tool is worth $20 but we sell it for only $14.95. However, as a special offer, if you buy any of the Theme Packs today, I will include the Customization tool for FREE.


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We have literally hundreds of emails from customers that you can read. Here is just a sample..

"Hi Nikki,

I ran a treasure hunt on the island of Guadalupe for my mothers sixtieth birthday party, I incorporated locals into the challenges and buried a case of French champagne under water at the end of a dock. It was a big success.

Lots of fun."

Ian Kellett, Montana USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"Hi Nikki, Many thanks for the great Treasure Hunt game planner and the supportive communications. I was asked to do a treasure hunt for a friend’s 40th and we went away to a beautiful country house for the weekend. The group included some very competitive men - so it was great to have a really strong, uncheatable structure for the treasure hunt as a basis!

Anyway - they loved it and said it was the best treasure hunt they had ever done. So I’m sure you’ll get some hits as a result. Thanks again and good wishes for your business"

Vey Straker, Herts UK
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"Hey Nikki,

I really want to Thank You for your support during my planning stages of the treasure hunt for The Quickel's 40th Anniversary Party! I am confident this party will be fondly reminisced time and time again, through the years, by the anniversary couple and their guests!! It was a huge success!

The tropical island theme worked really well. The island names were decided upon via 6 fond memories that Mike and Judy carry with them after 40 years of marriage. It really personalized the game! At each island station the teams found their challenge in a bottle (with sand and seashells) to replicate a 'message in a bottle'!

I am sending over a few pictures. Hoping you will enjoy them! Let me know if you have any trouble getting them to come up. Thank you again."

Robin Scharding, North Carolina USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"I used your treasure hunt for my best friend's 40th birthday party. I did not know most of the people that came; so, I was a little nervous about pulling the whole thing off. I purchased your delightfully easy-to-implement treasure hunt only about ten days before the party.

We all had so much fun! The guests were laughing constantly and couldn't wait to reach the actual treasure. There were groups of her friends from all different backgrounds--many of whom who seemed reluctant to mix with the others. The treasure hunt was so wonderful that new friendships were formed, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses were exchanged, and my husband and I are enjoying a reputation for being the best party givers ever.

We received so many compliments, you just would be amazed. My friend for whom the party was given was at her office the next day; and, she said the people that had elected not to come were very disappointed when they heard how much fun everyone else had. One young lady upon leaving said to me that she would like to be invited to the next party I have. I had to laugh as I had never met her prior to my friend's party.

It has been nearly a month; and, we are still the talk of the town so to speak. We live in one of those areas where everyone knows everyone else's business whether they know you or not. I imagine you should be receiving a lot of hits from the folks in Salinas, California so they too can give the greatest party ever.

Not only did your program delight every single last party guest; but, it was easy for me to arrange as well. You have a remarkable product that will serve well for years as it is true quality. A rare find today! Thank you so very much."

Cynthia Bryn Smith, California USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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