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Here are some great party ideas for grown-ups. Tried and tested plans, read how others got on with their treasure hunt games.


The Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner – This, our most popular treasure hunt game, is ideal for adult parties – it is designed for 2 or more people and is truly flexible – it is a popular party idea and can be played with any number of players, of any age, in any location. This treasure hunt game is based around 6 stations where the players complete a puzzle or challenge in order to win a part of a clue. When the pieces of the clue are put together, that leads to the map and then to the treasure. Clever sequencing keeps teams moving in different directions so there can be no following the team in front.

The adult/mixed age treasure hunt game has a set of optional theme packs which are a quick way to create seasonal and traditional themes for your treasure hunt. All designed for use with adults. E.g. Pirates, Easter Theme packs are available at a discount if ordered with the Treasure Hunt Party Planner.

If you have already purchased a Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner - you can purchase our theme packs to create a different party game. Adult/mixed age Theme Packs.

Scavenger Hunt Party Game Planner - The scavenger hunt is about collecting items from a list, or completing tasks, visiting places etc. Scavenger hunts are great for adult parties and is always a popular party idea choice. A scavenger hunt can take on many themes and can be played around the home, in a park, on the beach, around town, in the mall, across the state etc. Players / teams will each collect items on the list and return with their loot. Many variations on the scavenger hunt are available in the book, together with ideas and lists of scavenger hunts in numerous locations and suitable for all age groups with plenty of options for adults

Instant Treasure Hunt - This game is riddle based. A database of 1200 riddles is available from which you can choose riddles to be used in your treasure hunt. You select objects around the home – inside and outside, and then choose which riddle you wish to use for each object. The game system will print riddle cards to be placed around the home creating a treasure trail for your players to follow. This game is suitable for 1 or more players. It is not practical for large groups, or locations beyond the home.

Riddles are available for ages 5 to Adult.

Local Treasure Hunting – Try your skills at a real life treasure hunt! A Local Treasure Hunt will take you on a tour of your local area, testing your observation and stretching your code breaking skills as you follow the trail of clues. Now in Marysvale, UTAH. Plan a holiday there – it’s an exciting mountainous terrain, ATVs and huge fun. This is adult entertainment at its best – have a go – big prizes for those who can solve the puzzle.

Treasure Hunts for real! These games are real, live treasure hunts based in the community. We are continually developing more games across the country. If you would like us to create one near you, get in touch and let us know why you have a great location for a treasure hunt. You can take a vacation at a local treasure hunt location and enjoy to thrill and fun whilst competing for REAL treasure.


We have literally hundreds of emails from customers that you can read. Here is just a sample..

"Hey Nikki,

I really want to Thank You for your support during my planning stages of the treasure hunt for The Quickel's 40th Anniversary Party! I am confident this party will be fondly reminisced time and time again, through the years, by the anniversary couple and their guests!! It was a huge success!

The tropical island theme worked really well. The island names were decided upon via 6 fond memories that Mike and Judy carry with them after 40 years of marriage. It really personalized the game! At each island station the teams found their challenge in a bottle (with sand and seashells) to replicate a 'message in a bottle'!

I am sending over a few pictures. Hoping you will enjoy them! Let me know if you have any trouble getting them to come up. Thank you again,"

Robin Scharding North Carolina USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"Hi Nikki, Many thanks for the great Treasure Hunt game planner and the supportive communications. I was asked to do a treasure hunt for a friend’s 40th and we went away to a beautiful country house for the weekend. The group included some very competitive men - so it was great to have a really strong, uncheatable structure for the treasure hunt as a basis!

Anyway - they loved it and said it was the best treasure hunt they had ever done. So I’m sure you’ll get some hits as a result. Thanks again and good wishes for your business"

Vey Straker Herefordshire UK
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"Hi Nikki,

I ran a treasure hunt on the island of Guadeloupe for my mothers sixtieth birthday party, I incorporated locals into the challenges and buried a case of French champagne under water at the end of a dock. It was a big success.

Lots of fun."

Ian Kellett Montana USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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