Fun Ideas for Treasure Hunt Clues

Keep your kids guessing and moving with a Treasure Hunt and treasure hunt clues. It requires a little creativity and planning on a parent’s part but is worth the effort for lifelong memories. Making up the treasure hunt clues is half the fun and there are variations to how. This is your chance to be creative and have fun. Tie the treasure hunt clues in with your children’s interests and of course don’t hesitate to make them educational too! Here are a few tips to get you started.

Determine the places to leave the treasure hunt clues. Pick places the kids are familiar with like a friend’s home, a nearby playground, the jungle gym in your backyard. Remember, the older the kids the greater the difficulty and number of treasure hunt clues. If they aren’t old enough to go searching for their treasure hunt clues alone a parent or guardian must go with them. Your kids stay safe and this allows you to get some exercise too. Some good hiding places are under a door mat, buried in the sand box, under a bush, or taped under a garden pot. Make up rhyming riddles that lead the kids on a trail through the yard and neighborhood. Remember to make them challenging enough so that it takes them some time to figure out. Being too easy will bore the kids. You can always give them additional hints if they need it.

Use photographs to point them in the right direction. Take pictures of familiar things in the area where their next clue or prize is waiting. This is a great option for kids who can’t read written treasure hunt clues. For older kids it will be harder if the photography is not so simple. Try zooming in or even blur it a little! This way they can only see a portion or the blurred vision will keep them guessing. This is more challenging but remember you can always give them additional hints if they need help. Make up crossword puzzles or cryptograms with the answers being the treasure hunt clues.

Make it fun for the kids. Print the clues and puzzles on the back of a picture of a treasure chest then roll it up in a scroll. You can also use a piece of paper decorated in a pirate theme. Write in your own description of where the kids should look next. Make rhymes or customize using family lingo or language such as "Now look where daddy takes off his slippers" or “where do we feed the squirrels?”. Print out as many copies of the treasure hunt clues as you need. Put the treasure hunt clues in their places. Don’t forget to keep a list for yourself of where you put the treasure hunt clues! Offer small prizes like candy, little toys, books, or certificates for ice cream throughout the treasure hunt. Ready made treasure hunt clues around the home.

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"Thank you for this excellent product. We had the party on Saturday and it was fantastic. I live in France so had to translate it and we did a Harry Potter theme. For the code, we sent the kids to a computer where they typed in the code and then a PowerPoint presentation sent them to the kitchen for the treasure. It was really brilliant fun and I know we'll be doing it all again soon!
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We had a great Treasure Hunt for my daughter’s 11 year old party. We had five teams and I had two other grown-ups helping me. I did the pea challenge, the balancing on a rope, a general knowledge quiz, the backward clues quiz, a memory game and a beat the buzzer game, some they found more challenging than others. The treasure map I hid inside a balloon and mixed it in with lots of other balloons so they had to pop them all to find the map, I had also hidden the bag of balloons.

The treasure map was then found and the hunt for the chest started - it was located up a tree.

They all had great fun, the weather stayed dry and the bags of gold coins for the treasure box were appreciated. What a great idea, I shall certainly keep it for using again.

Best Wishes."

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