COOOOOL Theme Kids Parties

If you begin with a theme for your birthday party, the rest of the planning
will be much easier. Does your child have a favorite book, movie, or television show? Maybe they they have a fascination with firefighters, soldiers or horses...the ideas are endless! Make this a Birthday your child will never forget by just using your imagination wrapped up in lots of love! Below are some fun theme ideas that you can draw ideas from.

Most Popular Birthday Party Themes

Valentines Day Party: Decorating for a Valentine's party is, pink, purple and white will be your color scheme. Cut large paper hearts from construction paper
and write messages like, "Be Mine," "My Love," "Your Sweet" etc.
Hang the hearts from the ceiling using yarn, string or streamers. Another way to hang them is with fishing line and a small weight so they will hang well.
Hang lots of streamers and balloons. Brightly colored confetti is fun too!

Spiderman Party: Obviously the color theme for this party is red, blue and black. Cover your table with a white sheet for easy cleaning or use a plastic one. Run some red and blue streamers down the center of the table making a centerpiece with a Spiderman stand up toy, the birthday cake or a bouquet of balloons placed inside a Spiderman gift bag. Scatter some toy spiders around the table and some spider web decorations if available.
Add matching plates, napkins and cups. Hang inside and out Spiderman posters, balloons and matching streamers. For an extra added effect, use black streamers to create a web hanging from your ceiling.

Pirate Party: The color scheme for this party will be red and black.
Use these colors for balloons, streamers, tablecloth and if you like, your child’s cake.
Make a poster for the door that says
"AHOY MATES! WELCOME ABOARD!". Make or purchase
pirate flags in various colors to place around the party area. They are easy to make by just drawing them out on cardboard and covering them with felt. Decorate as you desire or look up some pirate flags on the internet. Cover your table with a black table cloth and scatter gold chocolate or plastic coins. Add some fun costume jewelry and plastic jewels. A pirate chest piñata makes a nice addition to the decorations and then can be used as an activity later.

American Idol Birthday Party: Bright blue, gold and silver will be your color scheme for this birthday party.
Include chartreuse or hot pink for extra dazzle and color accents. Hang plenty of
silver stars which you can make or get at the party store from the ceiling using fishing line.
Add steamers, balloons and confetti etc. Create a stage by making a backdrop on the wall with white butcher paper, extra large white plastic table cloth or a white sheet. Write American Idol on whichever you decide to use. Outline the edges of the paper with streamers and add white Christmas lights. Adding more stars is needed here as well. You may also want to decorate a judges table that can then be used for the cake and ice cream later.

Nascar Birthday Party: Hang Nascar cut outs, posters and calendar pictures from the ceiling and on the walls. Add checkered flags with black and white streamers etc.
Provide clean tires, stuffed with pillows for chairs. Hang up famous names or driver numbers too.
Put your party goers around a race-track table which has been covered with white butcher paper. Add black construction paper down the middle to represent a highway. After that tape or glue yellow paper strips to make the lines on the road. For the final touch, place a car piñata on the track as a center piece. Fill plastic trophies or reusable Nascar cups with candy and horns then place one at each child’s place setting. These can double as a party favor too!

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"Thank you for this excellent product. We had the party on Saturday and it was fantastic. I live in France so had to translate it and we did a Harry Potter theme. For the code, we sent the kids to a computer where they typed in the code and then a PowerPoint presentation sent them to the kitchen for the treasure. It was really brilliant fun and I know we'll be doing it all again soon!
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The treasure map was then found and the hunt for the chest started - it was located up a tree.

They all had great fun, the weather stayed dry and the bags of gold coins for the treasure box were appreciated. What a great idea, I shall certainly keep it for using again.

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