Hometown Homey Scavenger Hunts

Planning a fun night out with your friends? Why not try an around town scavenger hunt. All you need is a couple of lists, transportation, and possibly one camera per team. The list below includes things to find and photos to take. Use either one or both.

Choose the items that best suit your town and/or add a few items of your own to make it a custom around town hunt. Every town is unique in of itself so this list can be written a hundred different ways! Have fun exploring your town and meeting new people. Maybe you'll even make some new friends.
If you are doing your scavenger hunt in a large city make it extra challenging by not allowing personal cars and only public transportation.

Around Town Scavenger Hunt List and Rules

Important rules for a Scavenger Hunt:
1. Always tell an adult before you leave the house
2. Be sure to ask the owner’s permission before you borrow something on the list
3. Always be sure to return anything you borrow!

See if you can find these items on a Scavenger Hunt

1. A picture of the mayor of your town or city
2. A copy of your town or city’s charter
3. Any document issued by the Federal Government
4. A bus schedule or taxi co business card
5. A picture of your town’s or city’s official seal
6. A picture of a school that you do not attend
7. The address of the Chamber of Commerce for your town or city
8. A map of your state. Be sure and point out where your town or city is!
9. Location of nearest DMV
10. A copy of the front page of your town’s or city’s web site
11. Something in writing that tells the population of your city
12. A picture of any historical landmark in the city
13. A picture of your Governor
14. A program or flyer from a local arts event
15. The names of all the grocery chains
16. A brochure or flyer from the local historical society
17. Something that gives information about your local hospital
18. A list of schools in your town or city
19. A copy of the front page of the local newspaper
20. A change of address card from the post office
22. The phone number of the local police department
23. Anything with the colors or mascot of a local college or community college
24. A library card
25. A shopping bag from a local dept. store or Walmart
26. A picture of the state flag
27. A picture of the state bird
28. The name of your local animal shelter
29. A sticker or button from a local election
30. A list of safety tips from the local fire department

Copyright 2007 Nikki Wilson.

Nikki Wilson is a party planner and event organizer who specializes in treasure hunts and scavenger hunts. After planning successful events for the past 15 years, she now provides a web based service for party and event planners with her detailed treasure hunt party game plans available online. She also has a book of scavenger hunt plans to suit all ages, locations and occasions. Planning your own party, and want a party game that will be memorable and fun? Take a look at Nikki’s treasure hunt planners at www.TreasureHuntBook.com

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The treasure map was then found and the hunt for the chest started - it was located up a tree.

They all had great fun, the weather stayed dry and the bags of gold coins for the treasure box were appreciated. What a great idea, I shall certainly keep it for using again.

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