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Treasure hunt games for:

  • Children’s parties
  • Teenage parties
  • Adult events
  • Family reunions
  • Church youth groups
  • Sweet 16 ball
  • 40 th birthday party
  • 50 th birthday party
  • Stag party
  • Hen party
  • Cub scout camps
  • Corporate events
  • Customer program
  • Kid’s camp

Scavenger hunt plans for:

  • The mall
  • On the beach
  • In the park
  • At home
  • Around the neighbourhood
  • In the car
  • Around town
  • For kids
  • For adults
  • With tasks
  • Using a camera
  • Memory games
  • At school
  • Themed parties


The Treasure Hunt Party Game Planner is designed for adults and children alike. Teams visit places to complete challenges and tasks, they collect clues and useful information along the way. Finally they have enough information to locate the treasure map, and so to dig up the treasure.

This treasure hunt game is so flexible, it will work in almost any location, with any number of people, of all ages and you can adapt it to your party theme. The most popular party game product – we sell more of this game than any other product. Yet each treasure hunt is unique.

The Scavenger Hunt Party Game book is a collection of scavenger hunt lists that can be used is a whole variety of places and situations.

A scavenger hunt is where teams collect items on a list – we have so many ideas for your list. And some different versions of the scavenger hunt as well – make it your own, and amaze your friends at your ingenuity.

The traditional treasure hunt game of one riddle leads to the next place, where you find another riddle and so on. This game is quick and simple to set up. We call it the Instant Treasure Hunt . Riddles for 150 objects around the home. Suitable for children of all ages and adults too!

Try your skills at a real life treasure hunt! A Local Treasure Hunt will take you on a tour of your local area, testing your observation and stretching your code breaking skills as you follow the trail of clues. Now in Marysvale, UTAH. Plan a holiday there – it’s an exciting mountainous terrain, ATVs and huge fun. This is family entertainment at it’s best – have a go – big prizes for those who can solve the puzzle.

Party ideas, where have our games been played and what experiences do people have when they play treasure hunt games.
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We have literally hundreds of emails from customers that you can read. Here is just a sample..

"Dear Nikki,
The hunt was a GREAT success! It took the kids over an hour to get through it, and they all had a really good time. Digging up the treasure was so exciting!
Thanks for all your input, it was priceless, even if I never did a treasure hunt again your book was worth the money spent! (but OF COURSE we'll be using it again and again, now we'll be professionals before you know it!)
I'll keep you posted on our next one...
Ciao from Italy"

Fabrizia Italy
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"We had our picnic with our treasure hunt on Saturday. We had it at a public lake so we had the obstacle of other people. It just made it more interesting.

I was very amazed on how smooth the game went once it was all set up. I had seven teams with ages varying between 4 and 45 and 4 helpers. The hunt was thoroughly enjoyed by all. I used the games in your game set with a few alterations. Below is a picture of the Egyptian mummy game. This was so funny to watch the teams. Everyone had a great time especially the team who won the treasure box with 500 loonies in it!!!!

Thanks for the great game"

Jane Jones Ontario Canada
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"Dear Nikki, The treasure hunt was a great success. I planned it for my niece's 9th birthday party and had the kids all running everywhere in the house. They loved it. The kids all talked about it in school days after the party. I planned the whole hunt in 3 days and it didn't take long at all with your help. Thank you so much for a memorable birthday for my niece. And it was so much fun planning it too."

Cindy Lindsey Michigan USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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"Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our daughter's 16th's birthday celebration. We combined a masquerade ball with your treasure hunt party game which turned out to be a good combination for our group of young people. It turned out a lot of fun and I heard many positive remarks during the evening about the treasure hunt.

Blessings from the Smith House"

Patricia Smith Oklahoma USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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It was a huge success!!! Never thought a bunch of 17 year old soccer players could love something so much- We are at our Regional Championships and playing in the final tomorrow so something must have worked! Will send a picture when I get home"

Patty Seitz New Jersey USA
Treasure Hunt Party Game

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Treasure Hunt Party Game


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You can compete in a REAL LIVE Treasure Hunt
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